Textile Recycling

Most of our clothing that we throw away can actually be recycled to have new life once we're done with it. Recycling involves taking used clothing and textiles, that are sorted by their quality, and either kept as garments to be distributed as second hand garments, or broken down to become a variety of useful items. After you've worn through the useful life of your clothing, it can become everything from a new item for someone at a low cost, wiping rags, cotton for medical instruments, and even the insulation used for our car seats! There is finally a solution for that pile of stuff that you'll never wear again that is ecologically responsible. 

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Secondary Markets

Learn more about what happens to your clothing once its donated, and the global impacts and repercussions of our non stop apparel consumption. 

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Secondary Products

 While most recycled textiles are "down cycled", or downgraded into lesser quality products, there are many upcycled options out there for consumers to buy Apparel and Non Apparel products made from recycled clothes. 

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Industry experts weigh in on the ugly truths about this beautiful industry